Branches and Containers

Branches and Containers are a means to structure physical locations, usually for for storage of Inventory in an organization.


Branches are offices that serve a certain geographic or demographic areas inorder to expand the access of customer services along with other services that are available beyond the home office. A company may have multiple branches across one or multiple geographic areas.

Branches are classified under Branch Types. For example, a typical branch type could be "Head Office", "Warehouse" or "Sales Office". Under these branch type classifications, an organization can create one or more Branches. Within these branches, the organization may further classify inventory within Containers, which may be physical storage bins or even rooms within the branch

Consider an organization for an example, with the following Branch Types: Head Office, Sales Office and Warehouse. Under the Head office branch type classification, a Branch for the company's headquarters are created, i.e., Bangalore City. Another branch under Sales Office can be created, i.e., New Delhi


A container is a classification / name given in order to label a storage bin / box within a Branch. Containers are physical storage units like bins or boxes or even full rooms which contain one or multiples products / items to form the Inventory of a BranchContainers are used to track Inventory & ease Logistics for the various Branches.

Consider the example of having three Containers to hold different types of equipment in the Head office branch type (Bangalore City in the example above). If Webrino is using Inventory using Containers, then even if there are no physical container set up in the various Branches, it is required to create at least one Container in a branch that acts as the default Container of the branch.