Callsheet Objectives

As part of the Callsheet Objectives module built into Webrino, the software defines call objectives that are used in the life of the sales activity

Callsheet objectives are a defined process flow of the various stages of the sales process. The Callsheet Objectives built into Webrino has a predefined list of Call Objectives that are used during a sales activity.

To view Callsheet Objectives

  1. On Dashboard, mouseover Sales
  2. Navigate to Callsheet Objective Type
  3. Click Callsheet Objective Type
  4. Callsheet Objective Type index will open
  5. List of Callsheet Objectives will show

To edit Callsheet Objective Types

  1. On Dashboard, mouseover Sales
  2. Navigate to Callsheet Objective Type
  3. Click Callsheet Objective Type
  4. Callsheet Objective Type index will open
  5. List of Callsheet Objectives will show
  6. Select the Callsheet Objective that you want to edit
  7. Under the Actions table, select edit
  8. Edit Callsheet Event Type window will open
  9. Change details as required (Name & Description)
  10. Select Submit


To view Callsheet Objective Type Progress

  1. On Dashboard, select Sales
  2. Sales Index page will open
  3. List of opportunities will show
  4. Select the opportunity you want to see
  5. Select Opportunity History for that opportunity
  6. Opportunity History will open
  7. This history will be a mix of Opportunity Event Type and Callsheet Objective Type