Shipping Regions

Webrino comes with predefined shipping region information. A list of all countries are included with Webrino by default. In addition, Webrino also includes all Indian States in this list of shipping regions. An administrator can add more Shipping Regions as required.

Listing and Editing Shipping Regions

To see all available shipping regions:

  1. Drop-down the Administrator menu
  2. Select Shipping Regions

This will give a list of all available shipping regions in Webrino. To edit a region, click on the Edit icon on the shipping region row you want to edit.

Adding a Shipping Region

An administrator can add a new shipping region if required:

  1. Drop-down the Administrator menu
  2. Select Shipping Regions
  3. This will bring up a list of all available shipping regions.
  4. Click on New Shipping Region button

This will bring up the New Shipping Region form. Fill in the information as detailed below:

  1. Parent: Shipping Regions are hierarchical. This is an optional field. You can choose a parent shipping region if available (or required). For example, when shipping to Canada, the administrator can choose North America as the parent shipping region. This is useful if a specific region is chosen when creating an invoice or quotation that doesn't have an associated shipping region. Then the system chooses the parent shipping region for shipment pricing.
  2. Name: The full geographical name of this region. For example: India or Karnataka.
  3. Default Shipping Amount: The amount charged for shipping goods to this location. Number only (see currency below) for example: 500
  4. Default Shipping Currency: The default currency that will be used to ship goods to this location. For example: INR