Managing Branch Types

1. Do a Mouse Over on Admin Menu

2. On a drop down menu, go to Branches & Containers

3. On the left pop up menu, go to All Branch Types

4. A new window, like the one below, opens up, on this window



5. You could either search for a particular Branch Type from Keyboard Search box

6. List Branches under the listed Branch Types

7. Create a New Branch Type

8. Create a New Branch

9. On the extreme right hand column of the listed branches, the Actions Column (not shown in the picture above)

10. A View,Edit or Delete action icons are shown.

11. Select Delete to delete the selected record. The record  is deleted and red crossed (like the one in above picture)

12. If you select View, the next window shows the details of the Branch Type, from where you can either Edit or Delete the Branch Type.

13. A deleted (red-crossed record) can be Undeleted from the List Branch Type window from the same Actions Column as described above

14. By pressing the Edit button, you reach another window from where you can edit the Key, Name and Description of the Branch Type