Editing an Existing Branch

  • Do a mouse-over on the Admin Menu
  • From the drop down menu, select Branches & Containers
  • From the right hand pop-up menu, select All Branches
  • A new windows, listing all Branches opens up
  • Select Edit button of the record you wish to edit from the Actions Column
  • The same window as Adding a New Branch opens up
  • Edit the desired fields
  • Click Submit
  • From the same Actions Column, you could also View and Delete the selected record.
  • Clicking on Delete will ask for  confirmation
  • Once you confirm the Delete
  • A red cross would appear on the record
  • While the record is in this state (red-crossed), you can only Undelete or View it.


Webrino does a soft-delete of the records so as to avoid re-entering of data at any stage it might be required.

Such deleted records do not affec the performance of the systems and neither are available for editing.