Editing an Existing Container

To Edit any of the existing Containers

  1. Mouse-Over on Admin Menu

  2. Select Branches & Containers from drop down

  3. Select All Containers from right hand pop up menu

  4. All the Containers in the system are listed

  5. Since Containers are a part of Inventory the Page Title is Dashboard → Inventory → Containers → Index

  6. The Actions column has View, Edit and Delete button

  7. The View button takes you to another page, which shows a Container details and has tabs (sub menus) for Inventory and Logistics, which shows the related inventories and logistics, respectively for the selected Container

  8. The Delete button will Delete the record and red cross it on the list, you could undelete it at any point of time

  9. The Edit button, takes you to editable window, where Container Name and Description can be edited.