Editing an Existing User

To Edit and Existing User :

1. Mouse over or Click on Main Menu

2. Move to Users&Roles

3. Select Administer Users

4. All the created users are listed or put in selection filter criteria to filter the users

5. From the list, Select the required User by clicking the Check Box

6. Click Edit on the last column of the selected user's row

7. A new window with View, Edit, Track Page Visits and Devel opens up

8. Click the Edit Tab

9. Edit Tab shows

  • Status - active or blocked
  • Roles - different roles that can be assigned to this user are listed with check box option
  • Username:
  • E-mail address:
  • User Profile - this allows addition of Title, the Company and the Contact this User has access to
  • Block Configurations - is it allow this user to see Who is online and/or Who is New on the system
  • Locale Settings - is to configure Time Zone for this User

10. Change/Edit one or all the Settings

11. Click Save


ALTERNATIVELY for mass and/or quick edit


1. Select the user/s in the list and on the Update Options drop down menu select the action

2. Click Update