Adding a New Role

Dashboard Administer User management Roles





Webrino gives you fair amount of free hand in terms of your own definition of Users and therefore, comes up with only TWO default user types or roles:

  1. Authenticated User
  2. Anonymous User.


A fresh instance of your Dashboard, will have these two users listed and an empty text box with a

“Add Role” button.

  1. Click on Add Role Button
  2. Name your Role type and click Add

you can add as many roles as required, there is no upper limit

Note:  it is always advisable to have the names similar either to the Hierarchy or to the user’s functional roles
For Eg: a Sales Director should typically be in a role named ‘directors’ or Sales Team should be in role names “sales”
Once you have successfully added desired number of User Roles, you would see your list growing.
Webrino sorts your list alphabetically automatically.

The list is divided in two columns of Names and Operations

Operations column is further divide in Editing and Permissions

Editing gives you an opportunity to either Delete or Rename your Roles