Editing an Existing Role

On the Operations column, click on Editing

Editing gives you an opportunity to either Delete or Rename your Roles


  1. Click on edit roles
  2. a new window opens up with two buttons Delete Role and  Save Role
  3. Click Delete Role to delete the selected role
  4. Save Role will save (if you have made any changes in the name) and exit
  5. If no changes made to the name, it will just be as is

Once you are done with your editing,  you come back to the Roles List screen.


Note: if you notice, the “edit role” function is locked for both the default roles: Authenticated and Anonymous.

That is because, the system needs default users and these default users fall in either or the two categories.

For Eg:  If you are the administrator for this system, you would be in Authenticated User category for the system.