SMTP Settings

The Webrino SMTP Wizard allows the administrator to add in SMTP settings to enable easy use of the company's email service to send out information to users of Webrino or to the customers and vendors of the business using Webrino.

To Configure the SMTP Setting

  1. On the Dashboard, mouseover to the 'Golden Lock'
  2. Navigate to Webrino Wizards and select
  3. The Wizards Index page will open
  4. Navigate SMTP Wizard and select Run SMTP Wizard
  5. SMTP Settings Wizard page will open
  6. Fill in the details requested. This will be the SMTP server, port number and login credentials.
  7. After filling in the information, test the email settings by typing in a valid email address in the "Send test email to" box and clicking on Send.
  8. Wait for a few minutes and check if you have received the test email.
  9. Once you recieve a test mail on the valid email address, select Save which will make the changes permanent

Not sure how to configure SMTP? Leave the job to the experts at Webrino. By choosing to pre-pay for one year usage for Webrino, our expert team will help you set up Webrino to use your SMTP server when sending out emails.