Customer and Vendor Management

The Customer and Vendor management system built into Webrino is used to manage the base objects of Company and Contact. A Company being an organization and a Contact being an individual person. Contacts can either be independent entities like contractors, consultants or freelancers that you directly do business with or can be associated with a Company that you're doing business with.


Managing Companies and Contacts

Company or Contact information can be managed manually. That is, a new company or contact can be added or edited manually using the system. However, Webrino also supports the importing of data from CSV (comma-separated values) files. For example, you can enter all the relevant information in a Microsoft Excel sheet and save the file as .CSV in Microsoft Excel.

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Associated Data

Contacts can be associated with Companies. Similarly, Targeted Industries can be associated with User Teams; Alternative addresses can be associated with Companies and Contacts; Other Metadata not part of the standard deployment can also be stored as key=value pairs.

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