Adding a New Company

Adding a New Customer’s Company Details to your database is as easy and effective as possible. Webrino’s user friendly interface is self explanatory with adequate screen tips.

1. On your Dashboard navigate to “Customers” tab. The mouse over would open a drop own menu.  Select


  New Company

2. A new window with data fields opens up for you to fill in the customer’s “Company” details.

All the red star marked fields are mandatory.

3. Name – is the Company Name of your new customer

4.TIN – is the Tax Identification Number given to each registered organizations, much like PAN number for individuals

5. Relationship Code: is given by your customer to you. Most of the organization follow their own form of ref code maintain their own database of customers and/or suppliers and hence the format would/could be different for each of your customers. The field is important and not mandatory since there would be instances where this data is not readily available.

6. Country – is the Headquarter Country of your customer.

7. Address – remember to put in the headquarter address of your customer here

8. City, State, Zip – All mandatory fields

9. Phone 1 – is mandatory and others are optional but good to have

10. Email 1 and Email 2 – are mandatory and Website is good to have – since some of your customer might/might not have their own websites.

11. Targeted Industry – This is to record to your Customers’ targeted customer segment. You need to record this to be able to offer this customer, your services accordingly and maybe customize according to THEIR customer requirements. You can select more than one verticals/segments by pressing Ctrl and Selecting.

12. Comments – any additional notes and comments that need to be highlighted should be put in here.

13. Team – this is where you give access of this customers’ information to different teams in your organization.

14. Status – refers to the Status of the company within your organization.

         Whether this company has been internally reviewed and is now "approved", "pending approval", "incomplete" or "rejected" to do business with.

15. After you have entered all the info, double check and click Submit.

Note: Adding a New Supplier follows the same process but on Suppliers tab