Override Default Sales Terms

During the initital setup of Webrino using the Setup Wizard, the Sales Terms are set and these terms become default terms for any customer that is added into the database. For some customers, there maybe different sales terms that have been negotiated or decided that could be favourable to them.  These terms can be applied specifically for only those customers individually and will be applicable only to the individual customer. Hence, different customers can have different sales terms set for them in Webrino

To Override Default Sales Terms

  1. On the Dashboard, mouseover Customers
  2. Navigate to All Customers & select
  3. The Customer Index page will open
  4. Select the Customer for which you want to Override Default Sales Terms
  5. The View Company page will open
  6. Scroll down and click the Sales Terms button
  7. Sales Terms window will open
  8. Edit details of the Sales Terms
  9. Scroll down and select Submit