Editing an Existing Company

1. To Edit an Existing Company. Go to Customers (or Suppliers) Tab.  A drop down menu opens. Click on 'Show Companies'.

2. A new window with DashboardCustomers → Search Company opens up.

3. The search crietrias at the top of the Widget Screen; gives you fields to search for the company that needs to edited in your database.

Note: You could also directly jump to New Company screen from here.

This is effective in searching the database for the record before adding a New Company

4.Once the Company that needs to be ediited shows up in the list, click either on the Key (a system generated unique identifier for this record)

Name or at the extreme right column Actions. Any of these three would open up the View/Edit page for the selected record. Here you see the existing Company details that have been added previously.

5. This screen has 10 tabs.

6. The first one Company shows you the company's basic details like Type (Customer/Supplier), Headquarters and Contact and Log Change details;

with an option to add a New Company Meta - this is an additional information which is not stored as part of Main Company Database but in a different table.

For Eg: A Sales Campaign identifier used by the business to track those companies that have been targeted via a mass mailer

Further Reading :Metadata

7. The rest of the tabs:

allow you to add the self-explanatory fields to the company's database. Apart from People and Addresses.

8. All of the other tabs could be filled from pre existing data for these fields

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