Editing an Existing Contact

1. To Edit an Existing Contact. Go to Customers (or Suppliers) Tab.  A drop down menu opens. Click on 'Show People'

2. A new window with DashboardCustomers → Search People opens up

3. The search crietrias at the top of the Widget Screen; gives you fields to search for the contact whose details needs to edited in your database.

Note: You could also directly jump to New Contact screen from here. This is effective in searching the database for the record before adding a New Contact

4. Once the desired record shows up in the list below, click on the Contact Name and  a new window with

5. DashboardCustomers → View People opens up.

6. This screen has 11 tabs.

7. The first one Person shows you the Contact's basic details like Type (Customer/Supplier),

Staus (Approve, Pending Approval etc),  Headquarters and   Contact   and Log Change details;

with an option to add a New Person Meta

Further Reading :Metadata

8. The rest of the tabs:

allow you to add the self-explanatory fields to the company's database.

9. These tabs allow you to either fill in new deatils or choose pre existing data for these fields

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