Alternative Addresses


More often than not, Companies have multiple geographical presence and while charging or delivering products and services,

it's easier if your database already has all the addresses of the company and it's contacts listed with you.

Alternative Addresses give you that ease of adding additional address for both Company and Contact's associated with the Company (Customer/Supplier)


  1. Click on Customers/Suppliers
  2. On the drop down menu, go to Show Companies
  3. Next window all the Companies would be listed
  4. You could also filter companies through selection criteria
  5. Once you have the Company which you wish to edit in the list.
  6. Select the Company by clicking either on the Name or the Key
  7. Another window with several tabs opens up
  8. Click on the Address Tab
  9. An editable window pops up
  10. Put in all the required details
  11. Click Submit


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