Targeted Industry and User Teams


On your Dashboard, navigate to Sales tab, from drop down menu, go down to

Targeted Industries




This opens up  DashboardSalesTargeted Industries → Index

which lists all the previously added Targeted Industries which can be edited by clicking one of the options in Actions column

The window also give you an option of adding more industries.


This database of Targeted Industries will serve the dual purpose of recording your organization's Targeted Industries

while you are filling your Sales Funnel, Projects, Enquiries etc and also for recording the Targeted Industries of your Customers and Suppliers.


Since Webrino works on RDBMS, this also allows you to assign this field to your Users and Teams database which allows

you to exercise access control on Users and Teams access to Industry segments; thus creating a n to n relationship.



Users Teams

On your Dashboard to your extremen top left is a 'golden lock', click on the lock and on the drop down navigate to Users & Roles

this will pop-up another menu with various options; navigate to Administer Users and/or Administer Teams




Clicking on Administer Users will take you to User Management Screen, which has two tabs : List and Add Users

The List tab has filter options to Filter Users based on one of the three criterias - Role, Permissions or Status.


Based on which the list below is populated.

Note: A fresh instance of your Dashboard would only have two default users


The Add User tab lets you add a new user to your system. Fill in all the necessary details, choose the Status and the assign the one or more roles to the newly created user.

Click Create New Account button and the new user is created and now listed in the List Tab


On the list Tab, you would also see Update Options.

This section lets you  Block, Unblock or Delete one or more selected Users

Also lets you assign or unassign one or more Roles to the selected Users.


Note: You cannot perform Update Actions on Default Users of the system.