E-Commerce is now one of the most relevant and the fastest growing method of doing business online. More and more businesses are finding the need to go virtual and start selling their products and services in an online marketplace. Technology has been a great enabler ensuring that less time is spent on the actual procedure to deliver products or services to customers while they have the comfort of ordering services or products from anywhere. E-Commerce guarantees pre-payments to businesses reducing overheads that they might otherwise have to invest in to collect payments once the product or service has been delivered.


Introduction to WebrKart

Websites that have been developed using Drupal can use WebrKart, a FREE module that has been developed by us to integrate with Webrino. WebrKart provides an online shopping-cart for your website. It integrates with several payment gateways like PayPal and CCAvenue. Once WebrKart has been installed on the website, it can be configured easily to communicate with Webrino, thus ensuring that any enquiries or orders you receive from your website, are automatically tracked in Webrino by your business.

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Extranet Integration

In order to link Webrino with WebrKart, Webrino's Extranet must be configured correctly. This involves setting up secret keys for both the Webrino and WebrKart component, configuring automatic data exchange and periodically processing the Extranet queue within Webrino as orders and enquiries are received. Refer to Extranet Integration for more details.