Enquiries, Quotations, Orders and Invoices

Every business needs to process incoming enquiries, send out quotations in reponse to these enquiries, process incoming orders, generate invoices for orders, all on the sales side. On the purchase side, a business will need to raise purchase orders, make payments & store the information for future accounting & tax filing purposes. Webrino's workflow makes it simple for a business to do all of this, keeping the key parties (Webrino users) in the loop.


Sales vs. Purchase

Enquiries, quotations, orders and invoices can be associated with sales or purchases. For example, a sales invoice is something that your business would create and dispatch to a customer. However, when a vendor creates an invoice and sends it over to you, it becomes a purchase invoice in for your business. Similarly, when your business creates a purchase order and dispatches it to a vendor, the same becomes a sales order for your vendor.

In typical cases, your business would be creating & sending sales enquiries, sales quotations and sales invoices; your business would also be creating & sending out purchase orders.

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Workflow and PDFs

The system allows for one-click auto-generation of the next entity from the previous entity. For example, if a sales enquiry has come in from the Web, a sales quotation can be generated automatically using a one-click process. Enquiries can generate Quotations, which can generate Orders, which can generate Invoices. Data is entered only once into the system.

PDF versions of all generated documents are stored in the system for instant retrieval anytime. Shipping documents are also generated by the system. A custom letterhead logo can also be inserted into the generated PDFs for branding purposes. You don't have to print stationery for letterheads ever again!

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Processing enquiries & orders from the Web

Webrino and WebrKart provide for a seamless means of integrating your E-Commerce website with Webrino. Enquiries and orders that your web users place on your website can be retrieved into Webrino. Activities related to the enquiry or order can be posted back to your website to show progress to users who have placed the enquiry or order.

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