Editing an Existing Invoice

There are two ways to Edit the existing invoice.

Either right after generating an Invoice

Once, the Invoice is created, the next window :  DashboardInvoicesEdit shows the created Invoice with options to Edit all the segments, like the screenshot below:



1. Alternatively, Mouse-Over to Invoice Menu

2. On drop down, select Recent Invoices and on right hand pop-up, select the name of the Invoice which needs Editing

Note: only Pending Invoices can be edited.

3. The window shown above opens up

4. There are a few buttons at the top of this window,

  • Preview Invoice - Click on this to Preview the Invoice as is, in PDF
  • View Delivery Challan - Click on this to View the Delivery Challan associated with the Invoice
  • Add Items - click on this takes you to Add Items Section of the window, to add further items to the Invoice
  • View Items - click to view all the items added
  • View Summary - view a summary of the Invoice
  • Edit Statutory Documents - click to add/edit Tax Forms
  • Edit Tracking Details - click to add/edit Shipping Tracking Details

5. The View Buttons let you view the specified items

6.  To Add/Edit the Tracking Details, click on Edit Tracking Details button, this opens up another window

7. On this Window, select the Courier agent and Shipping mode from drop down menus

8. Enter Shipping Bill of Landing Number

9. Enter Tracking Number and Description and click Submit

10. To add Statutory Documents for this Invoice, click on Edit Statutory Documents which takes you to another window to add the different available forms for this Invoice

11. Below in the window, there are options to Edit Relationships, Edit Billing Details and Edit Shipping Details

12. Click on the individual buttons to edit these details

13. Add/Update the details in their respective windows and Click Submit

14. Finally you can also edit Invoice Terms

15. Click on the Edit button of Invoice Terms

16. Make changes on the new window and click Submit