Editing and Recalculation of Invoice


There are two ways to Edit the existing invoice.

Either right after generating an Invoice

Once, the Invoice is created, the next window :  DashboardInvoicesEdit shows the created Invoice with options to Edit all the segments, like the screenshot below:



1. Alternatively, Mouse-Over to Invoice Menu

2. On drop down, select Recent Invoices and on right hand pop-up, select the name of the Invoice which needs Editing

Note: only Pending Invoices can be edited.

3. The window shown above opens up

4. There are a few buttons at the top of this window, Preview Invoice, View Delivery Challan, Add Items, View Items, View Summary, Edit Statutory Documents, Edit Tracking Details

5. The View Buttons let you view the specified items

6. Once all the changes have been made and you can see all these changes. 

7. Click on the button Save/Recalculate to Save the changes. This also, recalculates the charges and the Invoice amount based on all the changes just made.

If any changes have been made, you NEED to click on Save/Recalculate button in order to update the changes and recalculated Invoice amount on the Database Server..