Customizing Business and Letterhead Logo

To Customize Business and Letterhead Logo

Customizing Business and Letterhead Logos will take place in 3 steps

Step 1: Upload Images

  1. On dashboard, click or mouseover "Golden Lock"
  2. Navigate to Webrino Wizards and click
  3. Wizards Index will open
  4. Select Run Logo Wizard.
  5. Logo Wizard will run
  6. Here you can add logos for On-Screen Logo and the Letterhead Logo seperately
  7. Ideal sizes for the logo have been given, it is prefeable to resize logos to the ideal specified size
  8. Select the Choose File button for uploading the logo
  9. Choose the logo file that you want to upload and select
  10. Select Next on the Logo Wizard

Step 2: Verify Appearance

  1. On this page, please check the appearance of the On-Screen Logo and download a sample pdf to view the Letterhead Logo
  2. If all if fine, select Next

Step 3: Done

Select Close this Wizard