One Click and Autogeneration

  1. Mouse-Over on Invoices Menu
  2. Select New Invoice
  3. In the next window select whether this would be Sales or Purchase Invoice
  4. As soon as you make a selection
  5. System gives you an option to either Auto Generate or not
  6. Select Yes
  7. System asks you for the existing Order or the Proform Invoice number/details
  8. Next the system asks you to select the Currency for the invoice
  9. Select the applicable Currency
  10. Click Submit
  11. The system generates an Invoice in a system format for you and creates PDFs of all things related and prefixes the Invoice Number with "auto"

Note: the invoices thus generated are still not approved and are in Approval Process

You can always edit/update any part of the Invoice as long it is not approved and the Invoice number is prefixed with "auto" (not to be confused with auto generated invoices or not, this auto is simply to indicate that the invoice is still not approved.



1. Mouse Over on Orders Menu

2. From the drop down, select the Order from either 'Recent Orders' or

3. Click on Sales/Purchase Orders

4. Next window would list all the Orders (Sales/Purchase)

5. Click on the desired Order

6. Next window would is like the one below; from here click Generate Invoice or Generate Proforma Invoice

7. For one click Autogenerations.