Adding a New Enquiry

For adding New Enquiry

  1. On Dashboard, click or mouse over Enquiries
  2. Navigate to Add Enquiry and select
  3. Add Enquiry page will open
  4. Select the type of Enquiry (Sales / Purchase)
  5. An additonal field International will show
  6. Select type
  7. An additional set of field will show
  8. Select Company / Contact 
  9. From list, select Company / Contact
  10. Company / Contact details will show along with status of Company / Contact
  11. Select Currency of transaction
  12. Select Submit
  13. On submitting a Sales Enquity the Edit Enquiry page will open
  14. All details with regard to company and Enquriy Number will show
  15. Scroll down to Change Log to edit details of enquiry
  16. Choose Type (SKU / Custom)
  17. Fill in other details
  18. Click Add