Adding Items to the Enquiry

An item can be added to an enquiry only when the enquiry has not yet been approved. I.e, only an enquiry that has an incomplete status can have items added to it.  If an enquiry has already been approved, then one cannot add an item into the enquiry.

Adding SKUs to the Enquiry

  1. On Dashboard, click or mouseover Enquiries 
  2. Navigate to Sales Enquiries / Purchase Enquiries
  3. Select option depending the type of enquiry you want to make additions to
  4. List of enquiries will show
  5. Select the enquiry that you want to add item to
  6. Enquiry will open with all details
  7. Scroll down to the Add section of the page
  8. Select Type or item, choose the SKU and fill in details to add into the enquiry
  9. Select Add button once details have been filled in

Adding Custom Items to the Enquiry

Custom Items are items that are not predefined. As a result, when you are adding custom items to an Enquiry, you need to very clearly specify the following fields

  • Name of Item
  • Decription of Item
  • Comments
  • Quantity of Item
  • Unit of measure of the Item

To add custom items to the Enquiry, please follow instructions upto step 7 of Adding SKU's to the Enquiry.

  1. Select Custom under Type
  2. The SKU, Rent, Qty & Comments fields will automatically be replaced by Name, Description, Comments, Quantity & Units
  3. Fill in details of the Custom Item
  4. It is mandatory to fill in the Name, Quantity and Unit fields
  5. Select Add button once details have been filled in