Adding Items to the Order

An item can be added to an order only when the order has not yet been approved. Once an order has been approved, no items can be added to it.

To Add Items to the Order 

  1. On Dashboard, click or mouse over Orders
  2. Navigate to Sales Orders / Purchase Orders
  3. Select option
  4. Page will open with list of type of Orders
  5. Select the Order that you want to add item to
  6. Order will open with all details
  7. Select Type, SKU, Quantity, Shipping, Discount, Tax Category & Comments and other details & fill in details to add into the quotation
  8. Select Add button once details have been filled in


To Add Custom Item to Order

Custom Items are items that are not predefined. As a result, when you are adding custom items to an Order, you need to very clearly specify the following fields

  • Name of Item
  • Description of Item
  • Unit Price of Item
  • Quantity of Item
  • Unit of measurement of Item
  • Discount on Item
  • Shipping cost on Item
  • Excise applicable or not

To add custom item to an Order, please follow instructions upto step 6 of Add Items to the Order

  1. Select Custom under Type
  2. Fill in details about the custom item
  3. It is mandatory to fill the Name, Description, Unit Price, Quantity, Unit, Discount, Shipping & Excise fields
  4. Select Add button once details have been added