Editing and Recalculation of Order

An Order can be edited only when the order has not yet been approved. Once an order has been approved, no editing can be done to it.

For Editing and Recalculation of an Order

  1. On Dashboard, click or mouseover Orders
  2. Navigate to Sales Order / Purchase Order
  3. Select option depending the type of order you want to make editions to
  4. List of Orders will show
  5. Select the order that you want to edit
  6. Order will open with all details
  7. Scroll down to the section where items can be added to the order
  8. Choose type of item that you want to add and edits details of the same
  9. Select Add
  10. You can also change details of a previously filled item
  11. The new item will show in the table below
  12. Edit other details required in this table
  13. Incase you have to make a change to shipping cost for a previously added item, you can always check the Override option
  14. You can now make changes to the previously fed in shipping cost to previous items
  15. Select Save/Recalculate