Editing and Recalculation of Quotation

Editing and Recalculation of a Quotation can be done only when the quotation has not approved. I.e, only a quotation that has an incomplete status can have editing or recalculation done to it.  If a quotation has already been approved, then one cannot add edit or recalculate the quotation.

For Editing and Recalculation of Quotation

  1. On Dashboard, click or mouseover Quotations
  2. Navigate to Sales Quotation / Purchase Quotation
  3. Select option depending the type of quotation you want to make editions to
  4. List of Quotations will show
  5. Select the quotation that you want to Edit / Recalculate
  6. Quotation will open with all details
  7. Scroll down to the Add section of the page
  8. Choose the Type of item, SKU, add details of Unit Price, Quantity
  9. Also edit details of Discount, Shipping, Tax Category
  10. Select Add
  11. You can also change quantity of a previously filled in item here
  12. Scroll down and select Save / Recalculate