Landed Price Calculation

Landed Price Calculation is the process of calculating the overall net cost of inventory items (outgoing), which should be inclusive of all customs and duties, on a per unit basis. Webrino has an in-built Landed Price Calculation tool that helps businesses do these calculations with ease.

Landed Price Calculation begins at the time of placing an order, the process has 3 steps involved

  1. Adding a New Order
  2. One Click and Autogeneration

  3. Preparing for Arrival of the goods

Preparing for Arrival of the goods

  1. On the Dashboard, mouseover or click Invoices
  2. Navigate to Purchase Invoice and select
  3. Select the Invoice for which goods are to be recieved
  4. Invoice View page will open
  5. Navigate to Prepare for Arrival button and select
  6. The Prepare Arrival Page will open
  7. Select and enter the details with regard to Branch & Container that you want to distribute the goods into
  8. Only once you select a valid Branch that has a Container will you be able to add details of Duties and Customs, Shipping & Misc Charges
  9. Once you have entered the details Webrino will automatically calculate and display the Per Unit Landed Price & total cost of the SKU
  10. This Price will display in the default set Currency (during Setup of Webrino)
  11. You can also set the Exchange Rate (i.e, if the purchase was made earlier at a different exchange rate)
  12. You can also enter the overall Freight Charges, Handling Charges & Misc Charges paid, incase they do not need to be added to individual SKU's
  13. In case Shipping, Duty/Taxes need to be added seperately for each SKU, you can add them in the fields under Shipping, Duty/Taxes next to the inventory item
  14. You can also move items to different containers (by selecting drop down box to select container & entering quantity)
  15. Calculation done is as follows (Subtotal + Shipping + Duties & Taxes) divided by (Quantity) Ex: (1724+70+60)/(100) = 1854 or 18.54 per unit
  16. You can also add in details such as Shipping Carrier Agent Name, Shipping Mode etc here
  17. After all details have been added, scroll down to the end of the page and select Mark Invoice as Arrived