Adding a New Logistic


  1. Mouse-Over on Inventory Menu
  2. Go down to Logistics section and Select All Logistics
  3. The next window lists down all the existing Logistics in the system. Note: A fresh instance of your database would have no logistics and you would have to create new logistics
  4. Click on New Logistics button
  5. Next window is an editable window, where you need to Add the New Logistics data
  6. First of all Select whether this would be Incoming or Outgoing Logistics
  7. Select the SKU Id associated with this Logistics
  8. Select the Branch associated with this Logistics
  9. Select the Container associated with this Logistic. If no Container is available, this window lets you create a New Container
  10. Next enter the detailed reason for this Logistics movement
  11. Next select the Status of this Logistics
  12. Click Submit