Approval Process


All entities right from persons to companies to documents, invoices, sales funnel,

almost everything requires to be approved by the admin or the authority defined while defining roles before it can be used in and by the system.


Approval Process in Webrino is however fairly simple.

Mouse-Over on the Main Menu

The very first option is Approval Queue

Click on Approval Queue

The next window will lists all items pending approval in a tabular format




Date (date of creation of the entity)

Entity (the item pending approval this could be anything that needs approval - documents, invoices, person, company etc)

Approved for (the team, the role or the user this will be approved for and used by)

Created by (the user who created the entity)

Actions (this columns has two actions View and Delete)

Select the listed entity/entities by clicking the check box \



Click either Approve or Reject