Adding a New SKU

Before you can add/import SKUs; you need to have SKU categories in your system.

A fresh instance of your Dashboard would not have these categories and it is advisable to add SKU categories before adding SKUs.

Inventory Menu

1. Mouse over on the Inventory Menu and on the drop down click on New SKU Category a new Data Entry window opens up.

2. Enter Key, Name, Description, Tax System (available right now is Indian VAT system) and

3. Tax Category details for both Sale and Purchase for this particular SKU,in this window and click Submit.

Note: All red star marked fields are mandatory


4. After this has been updated into your database. Go to Inventory Menu again and on the drop down menu go to

5. New SKU -  a new Data Entry window opens up like the one shown below




6. The system gives you an option of creating a New SKU Category even from this window

7. Enter the Name for the SKU, the system autochecks for the uniqueness of the name

8. Select Units from the drop down (from Nos, Kgs and Grams); these are measurement for the items that this SKU will hold

9. Select the boundary values in Level Low and Level High for the items in this SKU available in the Inventory. This is to ensure that system keeps a tab of how many units are left in stock (Level Low) and what is the maximum number or amount of the said item you can have in your stock (Level High)

10. Enter a default figure for Lead Time for this SKU

11. Click Submit to save the details