Editing an Existing SKU


1. Mouse-over on Inventory Menu

2. Select All SKUs from the drop down menu

3. All the SKUs in the system are listed here

4. Select the SKU that needs to be edited, either by clicking View button on Actions column or just by clicking the Key

5. This brings up another window like the one below:


6. The top of the window has Add Price, Add Rental Price and Add Shipping Price buttons

7. This page also gives you sub-menus for the selected SKU

  • Accessories - shows the number of , accessories related to this SKU and if you click on it, the window lists all the accesories related to this SKU.
  • Prices - shows the different prices entered for this item
  • Discount Prices - will list discounts if any
  • Rental Prices - shows different rental prices, with an option to add another Rental Price, as dicussed above
  • Shipping Prices - shows different shipping prices, with an option to add another Shipping Price, as dicussed above
  • Inventories - shows the number of items available in the inventory for this SKU
  • Logistics - shows the number of logistics with an option to add a New Logistics