Managing SKU Prices

1. On the Editing SKU window

2. The top of the window has Add Price, Add Rental Price and Add Shipping Price buttons

  • Add Price - lets you add the unit price for the items in the SKU and the currency

  • Add Rental Price - lets you add the currency, price and the duration of rental for this item (here the price points are dependant on the duration and hence a unit of duration and accordingly the price needs to be added)

  • Add Shipping Price - lets you add Shipping Region (where the stock needs to be sent), Currency and the Price (here the Price would vary according to the Shipping region)

3. Webrino gives you a flexibility of having a different currencies for different prices for the same stock item.

4. The window also has sub menu of:

  • Prices - shows the different prices entered for this item

  • Discount Prices - will list discounts if any

  • Rental Prices - shows different rental prices, with an option to add another Rental Price, as dicussed above

  • Shipping Prices - shows different shipping prices, with an option to add another Shipping Price, as dicussed above