Adding or Removing Labels


Labels can be used to associate various elements in webrino to certain types of entities or functions.

For Example: A particular company or can be labelled as a company who deals with a certain type of product or service only. Hence, when a label is viewed it will show all elements related to the label to allow for easy access to the functions or activities of the various elements labelled with the company

To Add or Remove Labels

  1. Open a Company / Contact / Opportunity / Enquiry / Quotation / Order / Invoice / Proforma invoice that you want to add a label to
  2. On the edit / view page of the selected option, a label icon will be visible on the upper right
  3. Click the label icon
  4. A list of labels (that have been added in the past) will show or one can create a new label
  5. Check the label that is applicable to the selected option
  6. Select Apply
  7. Label has been applied