Adding a New Callsheet

A Callsheet is the record of the type of calls that have been made to the customer for this opportunity.

1. Mouse-Over on Sales Menu

2. Select New Callsheet from the drop down

3. An editable window like the one below opens up:


4. Select the Sales Funnel for which this Callsheet needs to be generated from the drop down menu

5. Next select the Company this Callsheet would be used for and the Person responsible for the callsheet

6. Select the Contact Mode from the next drop down (phone,email, meeting, chat or any other type)

7. Add a comment in the given text box for Contact Mode Comments

8. Next is an important and mandatory step to select Callsheet Objective Type. This is a record of the purpose of this particulat instance of call.

The different types of Objectives could be:  Cold Call, Information Gathering, Presentation, Objection Handling, Establish decision maker, Negotiation, Closing Deal, Support or Other

9. The next text box is to enter the details of  Objective Type Other

10. Enter the Name of the Callsheet

11. Enter the follo up Date

12. Next is the Description of this Callsheet and Follow Up Notes and Date of appointment, if any

13. The next section is for different Details . Enter the details required. The little arrow icons denote different details.

The details are:

  • Information Sent - to the customer
  • Key Features Required - if any key features are required with the product/service you are offering to this customer and if they were discussed in the call of this callsheet
  • Critical Issues - if any and highlighted
  • Budget Details - if discussed in this call
  • Support Required - the support and the type of support that would be required by this customer

14. Next select the Sales category for this Sales Funnel of the customer

15. And then select the Targeted Industries for this Callsheet

16. Click Submit