Adding a New Sales Funnel

1. Mouse-Over on Sales Menu

2. On the drop-down select New Sales Funnel

3. A new editable window opens up

4. Select the Company from the company-drop down menu, the Sales Funnel being created here, would be associated with this company

5. Select the Person responsible for this Sales Funnel

6. Name this Funnel

7. Select the currnecy for this Opportunity/Funnel

8. Next, put in a Figure/Value for this Funnel (this could either be as indicated by the customer or a tentative figure, which can be amended later)

9. Next, select the slider value (0-100) for this Opportunity Conversion (this is an indicative percentage probability of  this funnel being converted to definite sale)

10. Add in a little description of this funnel

11. Select Status from the drop down

12. Click Submit