Editing an Existing Callsheet

To edit a Callsheet

1. Mouse-Over on the Sales Menu

2. Select All Callsheet, the next window lists all the Callsheets in the system

3. On the row of the selected Callsheet, from the Actions Column, select Edit icon

4. Alternatively, you could reach a particular Callsheet via Sales Funnel list window

5. On the row of the chosen Sales Funnel in the list Sales Funnel window

6. The Actions column, also has a Callsheet icon

7. Click on the Callsheet icon here to list all the Callsheets available for this Funnel

8. The next list window, would have all the Callsheets till date for the Sales Funnel

9. Clicking on View icon of the selected Callsheet would bring up the window:  Dashboard → Sales → Callsheets → View



10. The two tabs of Sales Categories(n)  and Targeted Industries(n) lists the number of these details respectively

11. Click on the Edit icon either here on this window or on the Actions Column of selected row of the list window (previous window)

12. This brings up an editable window similar to the New Sales Funnel window

13. Update/Amend the details that requires changes/additions

14. Click Submit