Editing an Existing Sales Funnel

1. Mouse-Over on Sales Menu

2. From the drop down select Recent Sales Funnel and from the right hand pop-up the name of  the Funnel which is to be edited

3. Or, select All Sales Funnel from the drop down meny

4. The next window lists all the Sales Funnel available in the system

5. On the row of the Funnel that needs to be edited, from the Actions column, select Edit icon (alternatively, click on View icon to view the details and the Edit icon from this view window)

6. Clicking on View Tbring up the Sales Funnel details window which has two tabs for Callsheets(n) and Events(n) where is n is number of Callsheets and Funnel Events recorded for this Sales Funnel



7. Clicking on Edit bring up an editable window, similar to the New Sales Funnel window

8. Make the required changes

9. Click Submit