Generating Statutory Documents


There are three kinds of Stattutory Documents associated with Taxes:

  • Form C -  for Inter-State Invoices (India - VAT)
  • Form D - for Invoices (India - VAT)  - Tax Rate @ 4.00%
  • Form I - for Invoices (India - VAT) - Tax Rate @ 4.00%


To View different Document Types for better understanding

  1. Mouse-Over on Documents Menu
  2. Select All Document Types
  3. The next window lists all the various documents that are required in the system along with the statutory documents, cess, excise and others


To Generate a Statutory Document

  1. Mouse-Over on Documents Menu
  2. Select New Document
  3. In the next editable window, Select Document Type from the drop down menu
  4. Name your document
  5. Describe the document in Descriptions
  6. Next select the Company and Person associated with this document from the drop down menu (these are optional fields)
  7. Browse the file from your local drive and upload it on the server
  8. Next select the Status of the document in the system
  9. Click Submit

To Generate the Statutory VAT XML

1. Click on Admin Menu

2. Navigate to Tax Systems

3. From the right hand pop up select India - VAT (the only option available right now)

4. On the next window which appears, from the VAT XML Generate,  select the desired options

5. Click Generate, this will generate the VAT XML