Vendor Quotations from RFQs

Once an enquiry has been added, vendors have been chosen and RFQs have been generated, the next step is to send out the RFQs to the selected vendors. Once this is done, vendors can enter details of their quotation into the RFQ and send it back for further processing.

To Send Out RFQ's to Vendors

  1. On the Tradeboard, under the RQFs / Purchase Enquiries / Vendor column, you will see the RFQ's that you have created
  2. Select the RFQ that you want to send out
  3. The RFQ view page will open
  4. Select 'Email Vendor Link(s)'
  5. Fill in details that you would want to send out to the Vendor, including vendors email ID
  6. Select Send Email


To Send Quotation for Approval (from Vendor)

Once the vendor has recieved the link via email, the vendor can fill in details into the RFQ and send it back, for approval

  1. On receiving the link via email, the vendor has to select the link
  2. The RFQ form will open as an independent page (the vendor will only be able to see the RFQ and no other links will be visible)
  3. The vendor has to fill in details (such as price and shipping) into the RFQ
  4. The vendor has to then select Save & Recalculate
  5. The vendor has to then scroll down to the end of the page and select Submit for Approval