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The Dashboard is your personalized landing page when you sign in to Webrino. It gives you an overview of the day's tasks, other user notifications generated for you and blocks with the latest business data generated by your users.

Custom Reports

Webrino provides a report builder tool that allows advanced users to define new data sources by using pre-defined data structures and connect them via well-defined associations. From the custom and pre-defined data sources, the user can construct any number of customized reports for your business.

  • Build data sources from existing data structures such as Companies, Contacts, Quotations, SKUs, Opportunities, etc.
  • Webrino assists by providing potential fields that can be inter-connected with other data structures. For example, a Quotation will be associated with a Company or Contact.
  • Share custom defined reports with other colleagues in your organization.

Visualize your Business Data

  • The reports builder provides multiple ways to visualize your business data.
  • Pie-charts, Line-graphs and Bar-graphs: A visual look at how your business is doing, or just simple tabular data that contains the relevant information.
  • Not only for management: Any user who has access to data in Webrino can monitor use this tool to implement custom reports to help boost productivity.
  • WYSIWYG: What you see on screen is what you will get on paper. Gain the ability to convert an on-screen report into a Presentation or a PDF.

Customizable for every User

  • At-a-glance one page view of the most important information you want to see.
  • Each user can personalize the dashboard according to their needs. Settings are saved for all future sessions.
  • Business data shown is relevant specifically to the user who has signed in, avoiding unnecessary clutter.
  • Smartly matched with Tasks and Notifications that guide the user through his or her day's work.

Tally Import & Export

Webrino is integrated with Tally and allows for importing and exporting all the data. You can use Webrino for managing and automating your business workflows while still retaining the ability to use Tally for monthly, quaterly and yearly accounting.

  • Export all your master data (vouchers, customers, inventory etc.,) from Tally and import it into Webrino.
  • Export all the Tally compatible master data from Webrino and import it into Tally.
  • We can optionally automate many aspects related to data import and export. Our integration experts will also work with your accounting head to ensure that all the data is as per requirements.

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