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Integrate your E-Commerce Website

E-Commerce Shopping Cart
Integrate your brand new (or existing) E-Commerce website with Webrino:

  • Auto-detect the User's Geo-Location and display prices in their Local Currency.
  • Accept online payments in any currency from virtually any Payment Gateway (PayPal, CCAvenue, etc)
  • Sell both Physical & Digital Products online and keep higher margins on every sale.
  • Synchronize your Customer database and keep it up-to-date by capturing your Customers' profile information.
  • Gain valuable insight into the activity of your Customers!
  • Configure your E-Commerce Store according to your Business needs.
  • Capture leads from webforms for events, special offers or any kind of promotion.

Configure Your E-Business

WebrKart Reports

  • Webrino's default Shopping Cart is highly configurable.
  • Automatically recommend related products depending on what your Customer is interested in.
  • Provide Product-specific discounts whenever your Customers buy a certain product.
  • Assign different pricing & shipping currencies to every country.
  • Set up your customized Terms & Conditions for the E-Store.
  • Just copy-paste your Payment Gateway API keys and watch the system work right out-of-the-box.
  • Automatically synchronize your Inventory data between your Intranet (Webrino) and your E-Commerce store.
  • Customize Email Notifications so that the right person within your Company gets the right information instantly!

Get Real-Time Reports

WebrKart Configuration
The E-Commerce Module provides your Company's Management with Real-Time Statistics:

  • Sales Reports.
  • Orders by Customer.
  • Top Customers.
  • Order & Payment Statuses Report.
  • Affiliate Sales & Commissions Reports.

This is actionable intelligence which can make a real difference in the way you market & sell your Products. With Webrino's E-Commerce Integration, you will never make an uninformed decision again.

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