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Enquiries, Quotations, Orders and Invoices

Simplified workflow for generating Webrino Business Documents (Enquiries, Quotations, Orders and Invoices). Data has to be entered only once at any point during the workflow. Extranet integration capable to interface with B2B or B2C customers to your public website.

Generate Adobe PDFsGenerate PDFs with your Business Logo

Webrino generates the most commonly used documents with your organization's logo when letterhead mode is selected. Print or Email PDF versions of quotations, purchase orders, invoices, delivery challans, international shipping documents, commercial invoices etc. Documents generated are automatically cached for retrieval anytime in the future.

Sales workflow with entities

Sales Process Workflow

Business Documents are well integrated with the Webrino sales process. Generation of documents like Quotations or receiving an Order automatically trigger Sales Events & progress the Sales Funnel.

  • Incoming sales Enquiries can be in any format which are directly fed into Webrino.
  • Based on SKUs available for sales, they are picked up and added into a sales Quotation to be sent out to Customer. Data is entered only once into the Quotation.
  • Incoming purchase Orders from the Customer can be fed into Webrino triggering the next Sales Event. The information is fetched directly from the corresponding quotation previously created.
  • At each point, the entity items can be modified to suit the customer's incoming request.

In the future, different Webrino businesses can request quotations, place orders, invoice their Customers through electronic delivery. Your business data will automatically get updated accurately with little or no manual oversight.

Interconnected Views

  • Never click more than once to get to the related Enquiries, Quotations, Orders or Invoices associated with any customer or vendor.
  • Quick widgets are available wherever there is an entity association presented.
  • Expand the widget to get a snapshot of the entity to jog your memory.
  • While searching for documents, you can shortlist by currency, tax system used, shipping region, payments or relationships.

Entities widget

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