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Inventory Management

Set up your Inventory in three or less steps: Define Stock Keeping Units (SKUs). Define Branches (if required, otherwise inventory will be managed at your business HQ). Move any SKU into any branch through incoming or outgoing Logistics. Your multi-branch Inventory is now online.

Stock Keeping Units

Stock Keeping Units (or SKUs) are definitions of various items, or distinct type of items for sale, that can be physically present in your inventory, or digitally available for download:

  • SKUs are uniquely identified by the SKU Key, equivalent to an Inventory Part Number.
  • Associate sell prices in any defined currency, also associate rental price and discounted price for preferred customers.
  • Maintain pricing with Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ based pricing).
  • Shipping costs based on region: Cost of shipping an SKU overseas might differ from local or intra-state shipping costs.
  • Associate one or more vendors with SKUs through a Vendor SKU, allowing your business to maintain a lean inventory / inventory light trading using the RFQ process.

Perishable Inventory

  • Batches of inventory may be assigned expiry dates so that aging inventory can be identified and dealt with appropriately.
  • Get advanced warnings regarding inventory that will perish soon and setup daily scheduled reporting.
  • Optimize inventory movements using customized reports generated for your business workflow.

Branch Transfer

  • Inventory can be moved inter-branch and Webrino automatically adjusts the inventory count in both outbound and inbound branches.
  • Price information of inventory moving in and out is adjusted as per the branch base currency.

Multi-Branch & Multi-Warehouse

Maintain your Inventory across all your Branches & Warehouses:

  • Instantly View Current & Historic Inventory Data on a per-Branch basis.
  • Get a daily, weekly, monthly & quarterly break-up of all Inventory Movements of any SKU at any Branch.
  • Organize SKUs into multiple Containers based on your Warehouse layout.
  • Track Incoming & Outgoing Logistics of any SKU immediately.
  • Classify your SKUs under various Categories and watch Webrino automatically calculate taxes.
  • Generate Inventory Reports for every Branch and SKU.
  • Inventory pricing updated on movement of SKUs, inventory valuation in Balance Sheet.


Inventory Re-ordering

When SKUs are defined with high and low-watermark levels with lead times, Webrino sends out daily email indicating inventory shortfall to your logistics personnel. Based on past inventory movements, Webrino provides a smart re-ordering mechanism to quickly determine what needs to be re-ordered and what has already been previously ordered.

  • Better manage inventory in your business and get alerted in a timely manner when certain goods fall below the threshold.
  • Auto-reorder functionality is as easy as reviewing SKUs that are below the threshold within branches and toggling the re-order checkbox.
  • Webrino automatically creates purchase orders with the re-ordered items based on the associated vendors for the SKUs.
  • Previously re-ordered items are prominently displayed so that the user does not inadvertently re-order something that's already in transit.

Inventory Pricing & Accounting

  • All goods moving in and out of the inventory have associated pricing information.
  • Webrino accounts automatically provides a real-time picture of your inventory capital on your balance sheet, on a per-branch & consolidated basis.

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