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Multi-Currency Accounting

Conduct your business in any currency. Manage invoicing & payment handling in any of the pre-defined currencies such as Indian Rupee (INR), US Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), and British Pound Sterling (GBP). Add any additional internationally recognized currency and conduct business in that currency.

  • Configure the base currency for your Headquarters, and use that as the primary currency for all your transactions.
  • Associate currencies by Customer or Vendor preference, for automatic selection of preferred currency when generating Quotations or Invoices.
  • Seamlessly trade in multiple currencies based on preferred currency configuration through the RFQ workflow. Your customer sees the quote in their choice of currency, and you deal with your vendors in their preferred currency. Exchange rate calculations are automatically handled by Webrino.
  • Define your Inventory prices (sale, rental) in different currencies and charge your Customers accordingly.
  • Include Stock Keeping Units into Enquiries, Quotations, Orders and Invoices even if prices aren't available in a particular currency by using currency exchange tables.
  • Receive or make payments in any defined currency.
  • Maintain per-branch-per-currency ledgers and vouchers for accounting reports.
  • Transact in per-branch currency & see accounting reports in branch currency.
  • Global currency exchange rates are updated and maintained daily using Open Exchange Rates.

Automatic Accounting

Webrino has a full implementation of double-entry book-keeping, with vouchers and ledgers generated seamlessly as Invoices are created and Payments are recorded in the day-to-day operations of running the business. In addition, expenses can be recorded, taxation classified, and reports can be generated on-demand. Webrino accounting is also flexible, allowing your business accounting team to create journal vouchers and record additional ledgers as required.

Accounts Menu

The Accounts menu in Webrino provides direct access to all accounting features:

  • Import Statements for Banks or Payment Gateways, configure the format once and import anytime.
  • Reconcile Bank Statements after importing CSVs. Easy selection of Invoices and Payments to match associated Bank entries.
  • Manage categorization under Account Groups. Commonly used Account Groups come pre-created when a Webrino Secure Area is created for your business.
  • View Accounts with their current balance, Create or Edit Accounts, or classify under different Account Group.
  • Access Sales, Purchase and Payment Vouchers that get created automatically, or create Journal Vouchers with custom Ledger entries.
  • Create ad-hoc indirect expenses. Allow users to submit individual expense reports, from sales travel to support costs, and record them as indirect expenses. 
  • See reports such as Balance Sheets, Profit & Loss statements and Cashflow statements - consolidated for the entire business or standalone for a specific branch.

Accounting Menu

Import and Reconcile Statements - Banks & Payment Gateways

Set up the CSV format using the UI tool provided when importing bank or payment gateway statements. Once the columns are chosen, the format can be saved for re-use the next time statements are imported. Imported statements create Ledgers and can be reconciled against existing Invoices or Payments through an intuitive interface. Your business accounts division can sign off on reconciled entries which will be used in the preparation of reports such as Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement or Cashflow Statement.

Import Bank Statement UI

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