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Multi-Jurisdictional Tax Modules

Webrino supports multiple tax jurisdictions as add-on Modular Tax Systems. Based on the jurisdiction, a business can use one or more of these tax systems for their branches. The following tax systems come pre-installed with Webrino, enabling structured invoicing and document generation for goods or services sold throughout the globe: India Goods and Service Tax (GST), UAE Value Added Tax (VAT), Ghana VAT, US Sales Tax and Flat-rate Tax Modules.

Multi-Branch / Multi-Tax Jurisdictions

  • Pre-programmed with the default tax rates under the India Goods and Service Tax (GST), UAE Value Added Tax (VAT), Ghana VAT and US Sales Tax Modules.
  • Separate categorization of tax rates by Intra-state, Inter-state, Exports and Imports.
  • Apply Tax on Shipment if applicable for your Business, configurable easily in Webrino.
  • Support for HS code Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) categorization
  • Fine-tuned tax rates per SKU category, with a fallback to business-wide default tax rates.
  • Input and Output Tax Credit reports for a real-time snapshot of GST liablilities.
  • Integrated with Double-Entry Book-keeping / Accounting.
  • Pass on Input Tax Credit on imported inventory where IGST has been paid, or roll-in landed price in other tax systems.
  • Preparation of GSTR-1 and GSTR-2 format invoices for uploading to the GSTN via your chosen GSP.

India GST Tax System

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