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Omnichannel Commerce

Reach out to your customers through a variety of channels: Add E-commerce capabilities to your existing WordPress or Drupal site using the Webrino Commerce shopping cart. Sell on leading e-commerce platforms and manage your sales and inventory in Webrino. Get a custom mobile app with your business branding, and also use the Webrino Point-of-Sale (POS) mobile app at your retail outlets. This entire ecosystem is well-integrated into the Webrino secure web application.

E-Commerce Shopping Cart

  • Auto-detect the User's Geo-Location and display prices in their Local Currency.
  • Accept online payments in any currency from virtually any Payment Gateway.
  • Sell both Physical & Digital Products online and keep higher margins on every sale.
  • Create and share discount coupons with limits on number of uses or with specific expiration date.
  • Synchronize your Customer database and keep it up-to-date by capturing your Customers' profile information.
  • Gain valuable insight into the activity of your Customers!
  • Configure your E-Commerce Store according to your Business needs.
  • Capture leads from webforms for events, special offers or any kind of promotion.
  • Get order reports from within the Webrino Commerce sales dashboard on your website.
  • Support multiple languages for your shopping cart.



Config Shopping Cart

E-Commerce Shopping Cart

Configure Your E-Business

  • Webrino's default Shopping Cart is highly configurable.
  • Automatically recommend related products depending on what your Customer is interested in.
  • Provide Product-specific discounts whenever your Customers buy a certain product.
  • Assign different pricing & shipping currencies to every country.
  • Set up your customized Terms & Conditions for the E-Store.
  • Just copy-paste your Payment Gateway API keys and watch the system work right out-of-the-box.
  • Automatically synchronize your Inventory data between your Intranet (Webrino) and your E-Commerce store.
  • Customize Email Notifications so that the right person within your Company gets the right information instantly!

In-Store Point Of Sale (POS)

Run as many Point Of Sale (POS) instances as you require for all your stores, retail outlets and warehouses:

  • Accept Walk-In Customers in any of your Locations.
  • Data is fully synchronized to Webrino with all the inventory management and accounting features.
  • Run multiple Point Of Sale (POS) machines in a single Store Location, if needed.
  • Offline Mode Compatible - your sales do not stop when the internet connection is temporarily disconnected.
  • Accept multiple forms of payment, including cash, credit/debit cards, online payments via any payment gateway you want, payment wallets and NEFT/IMPS/UPI etc.,


Mobile Commerce (M-Commerce)

Provide your customers access to your store through your own mobile app:

  • Branded mobile app available to download on the Apple AppStore (iOS) or on Google Play (Android).
  • Orders by Customer.
  • Statistics related to Sales via the mobile channel.
  • Multi-currency support.



3rd Party E-Commerce Integration with Webrino

Webrino POS and Webrino MCommerce Mobile Apps

3rd Party Marketplaces

You can even sell on multiple 3rd party marketplaces with product, inventory and order data getting automatically synchronized:

  • Fully integrated with Amazon Merchant and Flipkart Merchant APIs.
  • Publish and synchronize your product information at the touch of a button.
  • Inventory automatically synchronizes whenever sales are made from any sales channel.
  • For example, the sale of a product in your store will result in decreasing the inventory available in Amazon or Flipkart.
  • Hassle free order and shipping management across all sales channels.

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