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Business Productivity: Simplified!

The Internet has transformed our world. It has changed the way we think, work and play. With the advent of anytime, anywhere secure connectivity, the need for engaging Customers, Vendors and Employees on one platform has never been greater. Webrino is a Business Productivity software that connects your Employees, Customers & Vendors and and empowers  with an intuitive Web 2.0 workflow!

Webrino Overview

Feature Rich

We're constantly adding new capabilities into Webrino that you can start using right out-of-the-box:

Smartphone Ready

Webrino is already available for your smartphone or tablet. Carry your business on the go, access your Webrino data when mobile, making it a truly anytime-anywhere experience.

  • Supports iOS running on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.
  • Supports Android 5 and higher, on compatible smartphones and tablets.

Webrino Mobile

The Right Solution

Pick the Webrino solution that fits your business. You can always upgrade, downgrade or completely opt-out as per your needs. There are no long term contracts or commitments required from your side!

  • Webrino in the Cloud: Sign-up and get the first month at no cost. Try out Webrino at your convenience. We will also help you import your data to ensure that your evaluation of the software is as productive as it can be. That's the mantra behind Webrino in the Cloud.
  • Webrino Partners: Customize Webrino as per your business requirements. A Webrino partner is always at hand to help you and your team. Our Service Level Agreement guarantees the best support to quickly ramp up your business to become productive using Webrino.

Consistent User Experience

The Webrino user interface (UI) has been kept uniform with consistent visual cues. This makes it easy for understanding and using the whole system.

  • Widgets that can be expanded to summarize items to quickly make that connect by looking at related data.
  • Screen-tips that quickly show what elements on a page show or how form items behave.
  • Works best with a wide-screen 1280x800 laptop or monitor screen resolution. Compatible with older 1024x768 screen resolutions as well.
  • Extensive use of intuitive UI elements & tabs to show data in a neat and organized way.

User Experience Widgets


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