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Resource & Production Planning

Webrino comes with a full-fledged resource management and production planning system. Multi-Branch Resource & Materials Management. Priority Processes & Job Scheduling. Shop Floor App for Supervisors to track multiple Client Jobs. We optimize workflows for Production Managers!

Webrino Resource Planning



Shop Floor App

  • Supervisors can utilize the Shop Floor App on their mobile or tablet.
  • Enter Actual Start and End times of Jobs for comparison against Estimates and reporting.
  • Mark Resources as available or unavailable due to breakdowns or absent operators.
  • Supervisors get notified about changes to to their Jobs due to changes in other Process Schedules.
  • Single coordinated view between all Supervisors and Production Manager.
  • Automatic Real-Time Recalculations with an intuitive interface.

Materials Planning

  • Track the availability of your materials before starting any Job.
  • Maintain ownership information about the materials and associated historic notes.
  • Generate unique bar codes for each of the Jobs and intermediate SKUs which need to be tracked.
  • Get Real-Time Insights into Processes which are pending arrival of materials.
  • Work-In-Progress Inventory automatically gets computed and added into the Trial Balance Sheet.
  • Can be highly customized as per your specific manufacturing or service processes.

Planning Dashboard

  • Inuitive drag-drop interface in a Grid UI for production managers to optimize jobs.
  • Watch Webrino automatically reschedule all future jobs to accommodate for changes in the schedule, like magic!
  • Manage Resource availability or unavailability due to worker being unavailable or machine breakdown.
  • Extend overtime hours for the day for one or more available Resources.
  • Track job progress in real-time or review historic job details based on actual start and end times.
  • Get estimates for delayed Jobs or Orders in advance and automatically notify relevant Supervisors.
  • Undo changes if the estimated schedule is not as per requirements.

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